IMG_0161As it relates to your to-do list, remember the phrase, “Only what must be done today.” and I promise the habit of a to-do list will stick with you for life.

Oftentimes people get excited about organization. The thought of becoming more efficient and having purpose each day is inspiring. Many begin this journey; create a to-do list for a few days, a few weeks and things are going great! In fact, you’re so down with this system, you decide to add even more things to your list and that’s where disappointment sets in. You see, your to-do list is just like a diet. Crash diets don’t work. Gradually improving your habits does.

Practice the art of editing your list! Editing your list down to only what MUST be done today will ensure your success.

Resist! Never add more than what must be done that day. The remainder of your tasks should stay on your “This week” or “This quarter” list.

Edit down your list. Remove the item you added today that honestly, you’d love to get to, but you and I both know the likelihood is slim and you have more important fish to fry.  Build in some wiggle room. Double the time you estimate most tasks will take. This will ensure your success and create a habit that builds confidence and momentum for the days ahead.

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Are you vibrating with good energy?

IMG_0348Your energy is contagious! make sure yours is worth catching.

I’m sure you’ve had this happen…You are feeling amazing and then someone walks into the room and straight away something feels off.

Or you know that awkward feeling when you walk into a room where two people were having a fight?  Or what about when two people meet and there is just that spark of recognition ?

We all send off a certain vibration that’s energy.  We are all cellular beings, and we all generate a certain amount of energy.  You don’t have to be a psychic to feel it.

Think about the energy you’re bringing into your relationships.  Every time you walk into a room, your energy is palpable to others.  What is your energy saying about you?

What can you do to make sure that you are bringing your best energy into every situation and circumstance?

If you are an energy lifter, be careful not to spend too much time trying to lift an energy sucker. Don’t get infected! Invest your time with positive people.

Thankfully …there are many positive, charismatic, happy, grateful and smiling people. These are the people you can’t seem to get enough of. These people are extremely powerful at affecting how people feel around them in a good way. Are you one of those people?

Don’t let anyone diminish your composure!

Remember, when dealing with people who are upsetting you that the person with the least emotion is in control. Don’t match negative energy with more energy. Diffuse with your presence of mind. Calm and don’t incite.

By being a calming presence you will not only carve a more peaceful path, but you’ll be better equipped to make meaningful and intelligent decisions.

You are in control of your own emotions.

By maintaining calm you’re creating a productive and positive environment.IMG_2546