Multi-tasking Yay or Nay?

IMG_0354There is a time and a place for multi-tasking. When you’re performing tasks that require little cognitive reasoning or focus go ahead, do two things at once.

It’s very likely you can talk to your mother on the phone while you load the dishwasher or listen to a podcast while you change the laundry. I’m pretty sure you can ride a stationary bike and read an article. That’s fine and a reasonable use of time.

But when it comes to getting your work done, shut down distractions and focus!

By maintaining focus, you’ll have a better product in less time than if you try to do two things at once.

Create boundaries from those who might interrupt by letting them know that you’re in the middle of something. You can teach people to respect the time you have when you’re focused on your work by letting them know that as soon as you’ve finished you’ll give them your full attention!and really mean it…be present!

Sometimes the biggest distractions are within your own mind. Practice blocking out thoughts that interrupt your flow. Don’t let yourself jump from topic to topic; you’ll miss details and inspiration. Sit with one thing at a time and give it your full attention and best work.

The mind can be trained to attend for longer periods of time. It takes some practice in our fast-paced world, but it’s worth the effort.

Turn off notifications or even better put all electronic devices on airplane mode.

Give yourself the opportunity to do your best work by creating the space and time for focused attention and meaningful productivity.

Are you vibrating with good energy?

IMG_0348Your energy is contagious! make sure yours is worth catching.

I’m sure you’ve had this happen…You are feeling amazing and then someone walks into the room and straight away something feels off.

Or you know that awkward feeling when you walk into a room where two people were having a fight?  Or what about when two people meet and there is just that spark of recognition ?

We all send off a certain vibration that’s energy.  We are all cellular beings, and we all generate a certain amount of energy.  You don’t have to be a psychic to feel it.

Think about the energy you’re bringing into your relationships.  Every time you walk into a room, your energy is palpable to others.  What is your energy saying about you?

What can you do to make sure that you are bringing your best energy into every situation and circumstance?

If you are an energy lifter, be careful not to spend too much time trying to lift an energy sucker. Don’t get infected! Invest your time with positive people.

Thankfully …there are many positive, charismatic, happy, grateful and smiling people. These are the people you can’t seem to get enough of. These people are extremely powerful at affecting how people feel around them in a good way. Are you one of those people?

We all have 24 hours each day. How will you spend yours?

If you leave your day to chance, it’s almost certain that you’ll track of it. There are too many alluring opportunities fighting for our attention and time. We’re easily sidetracked when we don’t have a strategy.

Neglecting to budget time is like spending money with no regard for a budget. Suddenly, the money (or time) is gone!

Remember that effective time management requires a plan, thats why I am a huge advocate of having a daily To-do list. By listing the items that absolutely must be completed today, you can be assured that when evening comes you won’t regret the way you’ve utilized time.

Don’t let anyone diminish your composure!

Remember, when dealing with people who are upsetting you that the person with the least emotion is in control. Don’t match negative energy with more energy. Diffuse with your presence of mind. Calm and don’t incite.

By being a calming presence you will not only carve a more peaceful path, but you’ll be better equipped to make meaningful and intelligent decisions.

You are in control of your own emotions.

By maintaining calm you’re creating a productive and positive environment.IMG_2546

Here and Now

IMG_2551Opportunities Are Here and Now!

There are more opportunities now than ever imaginable and that is both thrilling and daunting! How do you decide what to do when anything is possible?

This is where determining your priorities become so important! Once you know what really matters to you – decisions become easy.

There have been times in my life when I have been presented with really exciting opportunities and have decided to turn them down and wait for another time because they were in conflict with my life priorities. I know that another opportunity will present itself in time, but moreover, I understand that when I am living life according to my priorities, I will feel content and confident in my decisions.

While the outcome is important and achieving our goals is amazing. The process of working towards goals should be awarding as well! Ever day should be an amazing adventure when you are living life according to your priorities.

Creating A Meaningful To-Do List


Keeping a to-do list keeps me focused. I would be a mess without my to-do list. Following are my strategies for creating and maintaining a meaningful to-do list. This singular practice has changed my life!

We’re not talking about a regular to-do list. This is a specific list that will help you focus your energy and manage your time so that you can build the life you want! The to-do list will help you reach your goals, to feel relaxed, be less stressed, less anxious and less overwhelmed. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are headed in the right direction and that you haven’t forgotten anything you were supposed to do!

All you need is a list. That’s your focus.

Here are the five essential steps to building and maintaining the ultimate to-do list. If you follow these steps consistently your life will change. I promise. But you have to do them all and you have to commit to making it a habit. Are you ready?

1. Make your to-do list at the same time every day.
I make mine at 6 a.m. every morning, after my miracle morning routine and while everyone is still sleeping and before I tackle the morning rush of getting everyone out the door for school and work. The time you make the list has to be non-negotiable. If I waited until later, I would be distracted by phone calls or other people’s needs. A news story might catch my attention or I might get involved in a conversation. No. The list-making most occur at the same time every day and become as much a part of your routine as having your coffee.

2. Make your to-do list in the same place every day.
I know most of us have made to-do lists before. We put them on post-it notes or in our calendars. They are on scraps of paper, the backs of envelopes. This doesn’t work. The to-do list needs to be easy to find and accessible!

3. Keep your list with you at all times.
I am going to suggest that you use your smart phone to manage your to-do list. When are you ever without your phone?

Absolutely everything I need to do goes on my list. There is nothing too big or too small. If I need to call someone back, it goes on my list. Return a dress, on the list.  Put the people you need to connect with on the list. If there is someone you wanted to get to know better, or a call you had been meaning to make, put that on your list. Use the list to make yourself the kind of person you want to be. It’s a prescription for success.

4. You need to put three small steps that will move you forward on your list every day.
This is a critical piece of the to-do list. 

Think about what you want to achieve in life. Don’t put them on a vision board and hope that they materialize. Make continual progress towards the realization of your dreams. You need a strategy and it doesn’t have to be huge. Know where you are headed and take small but meaningful steps to get there. Connect with a mentor, take the next step in achieving a goal, make a call you are afraid to make, sign up for that course, build the website, get started on your social media campaign – and then break these goals into small do-able steps that you can achieve today! There is no reason to wait – do it now.  Action will get results.

5. Review and revisit the list.
You have heard about positive thinking and how our thoughts create our reality. This is a way to cultivate positive and meaningful thoughts.  At the end of the week, you have made 21 small steps towards your bigger life-goals. Your life is in order, the kids permission slips were signed and returned to the teachers on time. You called back the clients who had questions. You are not out of milk. It’s easy to see how good things are when you have a written record. You are making progress towards huge life-changing goals as well as meeting the requirements of every-day life. Take a minute to reflect on your progress and to see yourself as actively changing your life every day. Talk about power! You have amazing resources of power because you are taking action!

I know I don’t need to tell you this – but you can start right now! Get out your phone and begin. Keep it up until it’s long enough to be a habit and you won’t believe the results!

How to achieve anything you want!

I am sure you have heard about my free guide… I am so excited to share the secrets I have learned that have helped me achieve success farther than I ever thought possible.

I know so many people that seem like they have everything.  They have a beautiful family, material wealth, all the opportunities in the world and yet they aren’t living a life that makes sense for them.

My guide will provide you with the clarity and confidence to build your dreams on your terms!

Whether you are a person who has already achieved much of what we all strive for and it just isn’t satisfying, or someone who has spent too much of their life trying too many things and never really succeeding at anything, this is for you!

It’s time to start moving forward in simple, measurable steps and to making your dreams a reality.

A simple word that change my life: FOCUS

used to consider myself pretty good at a lot of things but wasn’t an expert at any one thing. I was kind of a “a jack of all trades, master of none.”

I continued to wonder, “What is my life’s calling?” “What is my passion?”

One day I was reading and I came across this quote: “All of life is the study of attention, where your attention goes, your life follows”-Jiddu Krishnamurti

That was my light bulb moment!That’s what I had been lacking all these years!. Focus.

In the days to come, I hope to share some of the ways I have found to focus my energy and to identify and implement tactics for success. I look forward to hearing from you how these strategies change your life just as they have mine.