Is it time to rest?


Give yourself permission to rest!

What happens during rest? We grow. People in the health and fitness industry know this truth. Growth doesn’t happen while you’re at the gym. It happens during your rest period.

The same is true for your business. Not to mention, your life. Yeah, rest is vitally important. And, to be honest, we just don’t talk  about it enough.

Feel guilty when you rest?Do you have fear of missing out if you don’t work all the time?


You must seek out these individuals. Those who can take a step back, rest, and turn it off. People who are really present. Model yourself after them. Watch their ways. Figure out what they’re doing. Do as they do.

This new plan of action is just a habit. And that’s what it ALL comes come down to, anyway. Our way of thinking / doing / prioritizing is a habit. So, the good news is, that means we have the ability to change it!

Remember that moments of rest, ideally, begin with gratitude and self-praise.

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How to be happy

IMG_6048Every day is an opportunity to change the tone of your attitude and the direction of your life.  An overall sense of happiness starts with feeling more gratitude for the things you have… not feeling unfulfilled by the things you don’t.

We’re taught that to be happy, we must be constantly working harder and longer to have the “things” we want.  Fulfillment and inner peace doesn’t come from possessions.  Ask any lottery winner or millionaire.

True happiness comes from having gratitude for the things you have, and appreciating the small things in life that always get overlooked.  Want to feel happier every day?  Want to experience more peace?  Start with gratitude.


  1. Write 3 things daily – Take 5 minutes at the beginning of every day and write down at least 3 things you are grateful for.  It can be anything from a cup of coffee, to the weather.  This is one of the BEST ways to start your day!  It creates a wave of gratitude for the rest of your day.
  2. Create a screensaver on your phone – The average american looks at their phone 50+ times a day, so use this to your benefit! Put a screensaver on your phone that has a powerful positive impact on you.  It can be anything from a photo to an inspirational quote.  .
  3. Make time for daily activity – If you have the ability to be active, please make time every day to get your heart rate up! Be grateful for the option! Even if it’s a 10 minute walk… just do something!  Being physically active also produces good feeling hormones!
  4. Engage in personal development – Whether it’s reading a book, listening to a book on tape or a podcast, make time daily to engage in personal development.  One of my favorite things to do is to listen to a podcast while I  get ready in the morning!

Be a good human and make time everyday to better yourself.  Be grateful for the amazing blessings you currently have!  What are 3 things you are grateful for today?

Stress free travel

IMG_3121Don’t panic! I know traveling can be stressful.  So this blogpost is for those who find traveling to be a very stressful experience.  I’ve traveled a lot, and to be honest, out of necessity I’ve had to figure out how to be a better traveler.  I’ve developed a great system that has helped make traveling so much more enjoyable and way less stressful!

Each time I’ve had to travel, I’ve learned ways to make it better! And so I thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you some of the tips that I’ve been developing that truly make traveling so much easier.


1.  Make a complete and detailed, time specific list of every minute of your itinerary including prep time, travel time, etc.

2.  Make sure to add cushion to each item on your itinerary. Things never go as planned.

3. Create a cliff notes version of your itinerary by major event only. For example; Travel, workout, dinner, meeting.

4.  Use your cliff notes to create a list of the exact items you wish to wear, from top to bottom for that event. Include under garments, accessories, the outfit, shoes, etc.

5.  Create a list of non-outfit related items you need to pack; i.e. laptop, charger, umbrella, toiletries.

6.  Use small travel bags and pack only one outfit per travel bag. Label each bag according to event such as: Friday night dinner, Saturday am workout. Then place every item from top to bottom, including accessories, and undergarments in each individual bag.

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Is this killing your dreams?

We all procrastinate from time to time.  In fact, there’s this little thing I like to call “Destination Procrastination.”  It’s a place you go to or the tasks you resort to in order to distract yourself from what you really need to be doing.

Take action NOW!

To overcome my Destination Procrastination, I identified my triggers and put safe guards in place to keep me on task.  You can do the same!  Take a moment to consider the following points, write down your answers, and create your own safe guards to keep you on track to reaching your goals when procrastination sets in.

Procrastination kills dreams, and it’s the number one reason people fail to achieve their goals. Don’t let your dream life slip away simply because you kept putting it off.  It’s time to take action on your goals and put an end to procrastination for good! Write down the things you will do to take the action steps below and get to work on your goals. 

  1. Know where you are going.

We must tell our brains where to go and what to look for.  What is your goal? Where do you want to go? What ONE thing do you need to do today?  Think small and be very specific with these tasks. Then, write it down as a constant reminder of where you need to focus your attention.

  1. Tell people you’re on your way!

When you tell someone you’re going to give them a ride, you always pick them up, right?  If you tell someone you’re coming, you don’t let them down.  Keep yourself accountable by telling others to keep you accountable and letting them know where you want to go.  Share your goals with the important people in your life to ensure that you follow through!

  1. Identify detours.

What tasks or shiny objects distract you from the bigger picture and take you on a detour from reaching your goals?

  1. There’s more than one way.

Did you know there’s not just one way to reach your goal?  It doesn’t matter how you get there…. It just matters that you get there!  There’s more than one way.  Don’t worry too much about the minor details.  Fight only for the things you know will affect you reaching your destination.  Aside from that, just enjoy the journey and be confident that you will arrive!

  1. Focus on Your Finish.

Our lives go where our focus lies.  Our brains can’t process the negative, so focus instead on the positive.  Where do you want to go? What goal do you want to achieve? From now on, rather than thinking of all the things that could go wrong or the reasons why you should put something off, focus on your finish and focus on all the positives.

  1. Fill up your tank.

To stay focused and keep moving toward your goals, you must protect your energy and mojo.  Surround yourself with people that motivate you and push you forward, and steer clear of the people that bring you down.  Who or what gives you energy and fills your tank? Write down activities, people, and things that make you feel good… Then, make time to have more of these things in your life.

  1. Use technology to your advantage.

 Set alarms and reminders on your smart phone to keep yourself on track.  What are a few things you could set a daily alarm for?  What things should you be doing every day?  Write them down and create alarms for each one.

  1. Adopt a “Right Now” attitude.

Adopt a “Right Now” attitude.  When you set aside time to work on your goal, get into the habit of focusing on what’s important right now.  Things will never be perfect, and the time will never be just right.  So don’t be afraid to just go for it, and do it now!

If you keep putting off important tasks that bring you closer to reaching your goals, this bad habit alone could kill your dreams!  Don’t let it!  Quit procrastinating, follow the steps above, and take action NOW!

Want more great tips and resources on improving balance, energy, organization, health fitness, relationships, focus, faith and happiness? Each of my social media posts is designed to give you strategies and simple steps you can implement today to become a better, more balanced, happier version of yourself

How to make 2019 your best year yet

IMG_4378You deserve to be happy, healthy, organized, fulfilled and more! If you want all of the above and you truly want to have your best year ever it’s going to take more than just working on your fitness.

Let me share with you my top 4 tips to make 2019 your best year ever!


#1 – Honor Your Priorities
Let’s face it…No matter how perfect everything else in your life is going, if your relationships are a mess, nothing feels quite right.  Create a plan to prioritize your relationships and watch so many other areas fall into harmony! I want to encourage you to identify your priorities and set goals that fall in line with them.

#2 – Set Goals that Create Balance
Set goals that take you outside your comfort zone! Don’t set goals that you will probably accomplish…think BIG! Finish this statement: “It would be AMAZING if…” Then, write down 10 goals for the year that cover different areas of your life.

#3 – Focus on Your KEY Goal
Most people don’t know this, but there’s a secret to having an awesome year and knocking every one of your goals off your list. There’s one goal on your list of 10 that is incredibly powerful, and it’s where you need to put all of your focus! One of your goals is what’s called a “KEY Goal,” and it’s a goal that if achieved will make most of your other goals possible. While your top priority and most important goal may not be related to your finances, I will give you a little hint and tell you that your KEY Goal probably does. I’m not saying that money should be your most important goal, but your goal related to this is the one that can probably make the others possible…like taking a family vacation, going on a date night once a week with your partner, being able to work less hours to spend more time with your family, etc. Your KEY Goal is the key to accomplishing big things this year, and there’s so much more I want to share about it. Keep reading to find out how to learn more on this.

#4 – Master the Habit of Making a Daily Carefully Crafted Diligently Maintained To-Do List
Making a daily to-do list is the key to staying on track to reaching your goals. You have so much going on.  So making a daily to-do list is a MUST!  It must be made at the same time and in the same place each day to help you maximize focus and make it a habit.


These things alone can change the course of your year! And this is just the beginning! There’s so much more I want to share with you on each of these and many other habits you can create that will make 2019 your best year ever! You deserve it! Sign up and get started today!

Do you wish you could hit the reset button in your life?

IMG_4086Do you wish you could hit the reset button on your life? Maybe you’re in a job you hate, or just wish you had more time for the things that matter to you.

These steps will get you headed in the right direction, and the best part is that you can get started today!

Look at your current life
The first step to making a change is looking at where you are now. Grab a notebook and write down everything about your life. Include things like your job, your relationships, where you live, anything you can think of that impacts how you currently feel.  Once you take inventory of where you are can you see where you may want to make changes for the future.

Now that you’ve looked at where you are, you have to work on what your ideal life would look like. The first step in this is deciding what you want your quality of life to be.

Next you have to decide what success looks like to you! start defining your success by writing down what a perfect day looks like to you. Be sure to include where you spend your time and whom you spend it with. This is all about what you want if you could do anything.

Now that you know what your perfect day looks like you need to think about your environment, and where you spend that day. This is your ideal space; the sky’s the limit.

Focusing on your feelings is the key to defining your success and lifestyle. Write down any words that come to mind in a list. After you finish your list, review it and write down how you’d want to feel. Once that list is complete write down activities and situations that make you feel those wants already. This will help you find your purpose because those things that don’t feel like work, those things you enjoy, will provide direction for your life.

Now that you have done some brainstorming it’s time to start visualizing. You’ve probably heard of a vision board, gathering images either physically or mentally that represent how you’d like to see your life. Now this is a great practice, but we need to take it a step further and create a plan so you can actually live that new life. Nothing will happen on it’s own, you’re going to need a plan to make this ideas a reality.

Write down all the things that need to happen in order to get to your personal utopia. What things need to be changed or removed from your life? Don’t worry about how to make those things happen right now, just focus on what needs to be changed.

After you’ve finished your list of things that need to be changed, you need to decide what items can be delegated, or done by someone else.

The next step here once you’ve decided what to delegate and where, is needing to tackle those big items that you either need to get into, or get out of. What I mean is you probably have a big change you’d like to make either by getting into something new or getting out of something old. Now is the time to focus on the how portion that we ignored earlier. This is called reverse engineering. Say you want to leave your job to work from home, now is the time to break it down and find steps and a timeline to accomplishing your goal. It will take time, but nothing is impossible when you have a plan. Break it down and start with one step at a time, and make sure to have a timeline for each item in order to hold you accountable.

This is the fun part, where you take action after all that preparation. Your blueprint is the stuff you need to do, and your execution is how you do that stuff. This is where all the questions are answered after all that brainstorming and planning. Once you’ve outlined your steps, now is the time to act on them.

Part of acting on your new plans has to do with the people you include in your life. By deciding to change your life you’ll probably have to change the people in it too. This can be very difficult but you need to take inventory of who is around you and see how they behave and live. We only play to the level we’re surrounded by, so if your crowd isn’t uplifting and inspiring it’s time to get a new one.

Do you have negative people in your life?


Do you have negative people in your life?  Well, I have four tips to help you deal with negativity and stay focused on the positive.

But first, know that it is not your responsibility to make another person happy.  Negativity comes from those who are unhappy with themselves or their own circumstances.  However, it might be directed at you because you have triggered something in them… whatever it is remember it is their problem, not yours.

But there are ways to deal with these people without letting it affect your own positive attitude. This are the steps that work for me.


1. Respond with Kindness.

Always respond with kindness and  love in your heart.  You can have empathy for their situation or what they might be feeling, but also know it’s their “issue” not yours.

2. Respond with a Smile or “Thank You.”

If someone has a negative comment to make, just smile, or reply with a “thank you” to put an end to the conversation.  Disputing or arguing with them only heightens negativity.  Remember, while you might not be able to change the person’s attitude, your reaction is the one thing you can control.

3. Let it Go.

Hanging on to a person’s negative comments gives their negativity more energy and brings you down. You must decide to let it go.


Ignore it. Finally, when all else fails, just ignore it. Don’t let it the negativity affect you.  Remind yourself that it’s not your issue, let go of whatever was said, and move forward!


Are you a worrier?


From time to time, we all worry, but do you spend too much time feeling fear and anxiety over minor events?  Worry is a fear, and it’s the second most common reason why people feel stuck.  They feel unable to move forward because they fear what might happen if they do.  But you don’t have to let worry take over your life, and you can conquer that fear with a few simple steps.  Since most of our fear comes from thinking about what might happen in the future, let’s figure out how you can handle that fear and how you can worry less.

Making up awful stories of all the horrible things that can happen and running over them again and again in your mind won’t solve anything.  We have no way of telling what might happen in the future.  However, in most situations, we do have a couple of options.  What will solve this? taking out a pen and piece of paper, figuring out your options, and making a plan.


1.) What can I control? You can eliminate 99% of your worry just by factoring in the pieces of the situation that you can control.  So what do you have control over?  Well, we all have control over how we handle things and how to deal with it.  We have control over our attitudes, and in most instances, we have a great deal of control over the decisions we make.

2.) What could possibly happen?  Think objectively about the possibilities.  Start with the worst.  Then, move to the second worst possibility, and then possibilities that might not be that bad, and then those that would be fantastic.  When you identify the worst thing that could possibly happen and figure out how you would handle it, most of your worry will disappear.

3.) What are my options?  While you can’t control what other people think or how they behave, you do have options.   With each possible situation, what options do you have and which would you choose?  Knowing what your options are will give you that piece of mind and a sense of calm.

With the right plan and belief in yourself, you can handle anything that comes your way.  So instead of worrying about it without really thinking things through, sit down with pen and paper and start working through the possibilities. Know what you’re going to do, because with a plan, you can handle anything!

How to create balance


Have you ever thought, “If I could just accomplish this one goal, I would be happy.”?  But when you achieved your goal, you still did not feel the sense of satisfaction you thought you would?  Oftentimes, this is a result of the important areas of your life being out of balance.  For instance, if you’re having success in your career, but your relationship with your family is struggling; achieving yet another career goal most likely will not bring you happiness.

Creating balance in the important areas of your life will enable you to feel a sense of satisfaction and inner peace.  You can do this by evaluating your level of satisfaction in each of these areas and setting goals that will help you focus on areas that need your attention.


When writing out your list of 10 goals for the year, take some time to evaluate the 10 important areas of life.  You may realize that some of your goals need to be adjusted.  Consider your level of satisfaction in the following areas:

  • Environment/surroundings
  • Time spent doing fun activities
  • Time spent doing activities that result in personal growth
  • Spirituality/faith
  • Career and fulfilling your purpose
  • Financial situation
  • Relationships with friends & family
  • Romantic relationship(s)
  • Health & fitness
  • Emotional health

As you look over this list, you may find that you are more satisfied with certain areas of your life than others.  When you create (or recreate) your list of 10 goals for the year, adding some goals in the areas you feel less satisfied with help create balance in your life… and creating balance will likely result in a greater feeling of overall happiness, fulfillment and a sense of balance that will translate into inner peace.