Have you ever noticed the people you’re really drawn to are  those with the most energy? You walk into a room and there is someone who absolutely shines. A crowd is drawing around him or her. There’s a buzz of excitement. It’s not the clothes he or she is wearing but his or her energyContinue reading “SOME PEOPLE JUST SEEM TO HAVE IT ALL.FIND OUT WHY?”


As it relates to your to-do list, remember the phrase, “Only what must be done today.” and I promise the habit of a to-do list will stick with you for life. Oftentimes people get excited about organization. The thought of becoming more efficient and having purpose each day is inspiring. Many begin this journey; createContinue reading “TO DO LIST-TOP SECRET REVEALED”

Are you vibrating with good energy?

Your energy is contagious! make sure yours is worth catching. I’m sure you’ve had this happen…You are feeling amazing and then someone walks into the room and straight away something feels off. Or you know that awkward feeling when you walk into a room where two people were having a fight?  Or what about whenContinue reading “Are you vibrating with good energy?”

We all have 24 hours each day. How will you spend yours?

People who implement a plan for their daily schedule will save ninety minutes to three hours a day. That’s a huge pay-off for a ten-minute investment in focused planning don’t you think? If you leave your day to chance, it’s almost certain that you’ll track of it. There are too many alluring opportunities fighting forContinue reading “We all have 24 hours each day. How will you spend yours?”

Here and Now

Opportunities Are Here and Now! There are more opportunities now than ever imaginable and that is both thrilling and daunting! How do you decide what to do when anything is possible? This is where determining your priorities become so important! Once you know what really matters to you – decisions become easy. There have beenContinue reading “Here and Now”

Creating A Meaningful To-Do List

Keeping a to-do list keeps me focused. I would be a mess without my to-do list. Following are my strategies for creating and maintaining a meaningful to-do list. This singular practice has changed my life! We’re not talking about a regular to-do list. This is a specific list that will help you focus your energyContinue reading “Creating A Meaningful To-Do List”

How to achieve anything you want!

I am sure you have heard about my free guide… I am so excited to share the secrets I have learned that have helped me achieve success farther than I ever thought possible. I know so many people that seem like they have everything.  They have a beautiful family, material wealth, all the opportunities in theContinue reading “How to achieve anything you want!”

A simple word that change my life: FOCUS

I used to consider myself pretty good at a lot of things but wasn’t an expert at any one thing. I was kind of a “a jack of all trades, master of none.” I continued to wonder, “What is my life’s calling?” “What is my passion?” One day I was reading and I came across this quote:Continue reading “A simple word that change my life: FOCUS”

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! So here it goes. With this blog I plan to share my intentions, fashion & design inspiration, entrepreneurial stories, and cool stuff that crosses my path. I hope the posts and ideas to come are fun to read, continue to keep me inspired, and help others become more excited about growingContinue reading “The Journey Begins”