Restoration Hardware inspired Master Bedroom with Amazon finds

Restoration Hardware furniture and home decor has a European, rustic, weathered type of look. With Restoration Hardware pieces though, expect a hefty price tag. After digging around Amazon, I was able put together some amazing pieces that are very similar to the Restoration hardware style but with a wallet friendly budget!

In the photo above, I made a collage with the pieces you will need to create an amazon RH bedroom but without breaking the bank. I love the masculinity to this room with its weathered color and textures, I also love the glam look of the chandelier and the feminine finishes of the white sheets paired with the neutral linens and textures. Hope this post inspires you to recreate the RH look that we all love!

Cyber Week Sale Master List

Gift ideas that will change her life #lifehacks

Phone/tablet & watch stand

Because whats productive about having a phone or tablet that is about to die because your keep forgetting to charge it!


Large free standing garment rack

Why is a life hack? Not only it has 8 shelves but it looks like a custom free standing closet AND have you seen the price #nobrainer

Apple watch band

Let’s put it this way an apple watch in itself is a life hack, keeps you organized and motivated but let’s face it wouldn’t it be a dream if you could make it match your outfit? just switch out the bands and voila!

Smart Plug

This smart plug works with Alexa to add voice control to any outlet allowing you to schedule lights, fans and appliances tu turn them on or off automatically or control them automatically when you are away.

Acrylic Makeup brush organizer

This one is a life hack because if you are a makeup enthusiast you know how quick makeup tools can get disorganized which makes you take even longer to get ready

Blue light filter glasses

Apart from the fact that they are lightweight and stylish, this glasses will protect your eyes if you spend a lot of time on your phone or computer which tends to make your eyes tired and get headaches.

Dual pocket high waist yoga pants

This leggings are super slimming, with tummy control technology. They feature pockets to hold your wallet, phone! Did I mention they are not see through?