Summer pieces to buy now and wear thru the fall season

It’s always fun to try statement-making pieces – but at the end of the day, I know that a great wardrobe starts with a strong foundation of basics. Think seasonal and year-round items that you shouldn’t be without from versatile handbags to casual layers. If you don’t have those bases covered, getting dressed becomes more of a headache than it is fun. With that in mind, I wanted to focus today’s post on those summer staples that will take you far into fall.


 Woven bags are great during that in-between period while chunky chain strap bags like  this will complement both fall and summer ensembles. 


The mix-and-match nature of two-piece sets is a huge part of their appeal for me. That’s exactly why they’re one of the newer styles I swear by for going from summer to fall.


I love seamless, polished looks and bodysuits are the easiest way to achieve that.


You can throw one over anything and it always looks cozy chic. 

Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of summer



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